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Hello AAA Hockey Families and Coaches!

Thanks for checking out the Snipers Edge Hockey AAA Tournament Series! We're excited  to have you here! 

Our Mission...

To provide the most consistent and competitive hockey tournaments in a fun and safe environment all at a great value!

So What Does That Actually Look Like?

Our Vision....

Put simply, competitive AAA Hockey Programs coming together to run awesome AAA Hockey Tournaments. We know what we are looking for in a great tourney so we decided to make it happen:

  • Awesome competition to ensure as many quality games as possible each weekend. 
  • High quality referees that are partners with the players and coaches of each team to ensure a safe and competitive environment. 
  • Transparent arena locations that have specific age groups / levels which are known at the time of registration. 
  • A fun and festive vibe that compliments the awesome hockey!
  •  Innovative off ice challenges for players to compete in between games. 
  • NO TIES!!! Even in pool play! All games tied at the end of regulation will go to a 3on3 OT followed by a shootout just like the NHL.
  • Top 2 teams in every division always earn a fifth game!
  • User friendly tourney app that updates scores and stats to keep everyone informed.

In addition to Spring / Summer AAA Tournaments, we host:

  • Fall Snipers Edge 3v3 All Star Challenge
  • Winter All Star Holiday Challenge
  • Spring Snipers State Tournament

All of this delivered at a fair price that reflects an awesome value to everyone involved!

2023 Snipers Edge Tournaments

  • April 14-16: Snipers Kickoff Cup in East Metro

  • May 14-16: Snipers Spring Finale in BIoomington and Edina

  • August 4-6: Snipers Rivertown Showdown in East Metro 

  • August 18-20: Snipers South Metro Swing in Shakopee